Your Smile is your signature! 6 Common Mistakes

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. But if your teeth aren’t white enough, you often avoid smiling… Although there are many ways to whiten your teeth, there are things that can prevent staining your teeth by taking precautions. These common mistakes do the most damage to your teeth!

1- You consume too much soda

Soda pictures
Different type of soda

When you stop drinking soda and sweet mineral water, your teeth would thank you if they could! Even switching to carbonated water makes no difference. The carbonic acids in mineral waters do not seriously harm your teeth. However, if the water is sweetened then it can harm. Because it is more likely to contain additives that affect the acidic level.

2. You pour too much soy sauce on your food

Soy sauce leaking down
Soy sauce

Soy sauce can be delicious, and yes, it goes well with sushi… But over time, it also causes your teeth to turn yellow. Just like any food rich in color, soy sauce stains your teeth. Your whitening toothpaste will have no effect.

3. You drink your beverages too hot

hot cup of coffee
Hot cup

We know that nothing wakes you up better than a cup of hot strong coffee in the morning. But if you’re drinking every morning, your teeth won’t be happy about it. Tea, coffee, and any dark hot beverage stains your teeth. And if you drink these hot drinks on top of it, you will make your tooth enamel more susceptible to stains.

4. You are using the wrong mouthwash


Mouthwash will keep your breath fresh longer, but be careful with the chemicals in it! For example, mouthwashes used for gums contain chlorhexidine gluconate. This causes stains on your teeth and even they are not so noticeable that you notice them thanks to your dentist.

5. You brush your teeth too hard

Wooden teeth brush
Wooden teeth brush

While brushing and flossing your teeth is essential to your dental health, striving for more may not yield good results. If you brush your teeth hard every day, you can slowly start to dissolve your enamel. This makes your teeth sensitive and vulnerable to cavities.

6. You are not drinking enough water

Glass of water
Glass of water

Drinking water is important not just for your teeth, but for your overall health. Adequate water consumption during the day helps you have bright teeth. Water cleans the residue from the stains and keeps your teeth whiter for longer.