Which two teams will join playoffs? – LEC Winter Groups Preview

Two teams have locked their spot in the LEC Winter playoffs: G2 and KOI. Which two teams from groups will join them in the top four? Let’s see all the round 2 matches.

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LEC Winter Groups – 2 qualified for playoffs, 2 spots left

The LEC Winter Groups already saw the first two teams locked in for the first playoffs of the split: G2 Esports and a resurging KOI have locked their spot. The remaining six teams are all still in contention, but only two of them will have the chance to join G2 and KOI.

The winner between Team Heretics and SK Gaming, and the one between Astralis and Team BDS will then face Team Vitality and MAD Lions to determine the playoffs participants.

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LEC Winter Groups Round 2 matches

TH vs SK

Team Heretics were considered the weaker team of Group A, but their showing against Vitality was more than enough to convince us that they are ready to fight. Their win in the series was extremely convincing and they were able to bring VIT to 40 minutes in the deciding game.

TH’s bot lane has been steadily improving since the start of the LEC and they will be the ones to watch against SK. Exakick and Doss have been surprising rookies and two of the best-performing players in the league. You’re guaranteed to see a lot of action down in the bottom lane in this series. That said, the needle will swing into the team with the best jungler.

Both Markoon and Jankos have been crucial factors when it comes to making a strong early game impact. Jankos usually goes for teamfighting options, while Markoon also showed a willingness to play early-game-focused champions like Elise. While it’s hard to make a call between the two, Markoon is probably the better-performing player currently. For that reason, SK is coming in as the favorites.

Predictions: TH 47% | SK 53%


BDS and AST will face off in the second losers’ bracket. Compared to the other match, this is much more one-sided toward BDS. They were able to take one game off from G2, which in turn dominated MAD Lions.

The team seems to have the perfect formula for the current meta. Given that Adam draws out multiple bans on his pocket picks like Darius and Olaf, BDS always find themselves with a draft edge. Paired with the fact that the bot lane is delivering great performances, it’s not a surprise to see the team fighting in the top half of the league.

Going against Astralis, they seem to have the better pieces in every single role and also better coordination and macro. Unfortunately for Astralis, the series will be a tough one, and only a major step up by their players will give them a chance to win.

Predictions: AST 40% | BDS 60%

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