What is the very best Car in Rocket League?

Since the video game was very first launched, brand-new gamers have actually constantly questioned what is the very best automobile in Rocket League. With brand-new automobile bodies being contributed to the video game continuously in every brand-new season, it can be extremely frustrating for gamers with the big quantity of choices that are now readily available.

Whilst it will ultimately boil down to your own individual choice, we are here to offer some guidance to assist you choose which fight cars and truck you ought to utilize.

A fast disclaimer prior to we start. Whilst some vehicles might offer more benefits than others, it does not indicate that it will certainly hold you back. You can still carry out the essential mechanics to reach Supersonic Legend in any fight cars and truck that you pick. Comprehending what lies under the hood might assist raise your video game even further.

What Makes Rocket League Cars Different?

Firstly, let’s have a look at what makes the automobiles various. Every cars and truck can be divided into various groups depending upon their hitbox. There are an overall of 6 hitboxes in the video game: Breakout, Dominus, Hybrid, Merc, Octane and Plank. While all cars and trucks have the exact same fundamental statistics, each hitbox varies in length, width and height. The Breakout hitbox has the longest length however the 2nd quickest height.

Alternatively, the Merc has the highest height however the 2nd fastest length. Whilst each various hitbox has its own benefits and downsides, there is one in specific that has actually stood apart to be the very best hitbox in Rocket League.

Preset Length (uu) Width (uu) Height (uu) Angle (degree)
Octane 11801 8420 3616 -0.55
Dominus 12793 8328 3130 -0.96
Plank 12882 8467 2939 -0.34
Breakout 13149 8052 3030 -0.98
Hybrid 12702 8219 3416 -0.55
Merc 12072 7671 4166 0.28

Rocket Science has a remarkable playlist you can take a look at for a visualization of the hitboxes.

What is the very best Hitbox in Rocket League?

The Octane hitbox is quickly the most utilized throughout the entire playerbase. One factor for this might be that the Octane is the default automobile option when you initially start your journey in the video game.

However the reality that it has the most well balanced data compared to all other hitboxes is the primary reason you will not see professional gamers utilize anything else extremely typically. With it being the 2nd highest hitbox in the video game, it enables much better 50/50 s which is an essential mechanic to master if you wish to rank up. This in addition to its above typical width permits much easier dribbling, flicks and solo plays. In general, it offers you a much better opportunity at winning your kickoffs.

The one disadvantage is its much shorter length, suggesting it has less reach in the air. This is why some pros sometimes choose to utilize a longer hitbox such as the Dominus, that makes double taps and reroutes a little much easier. This is why you see lots of leading freestylers utilizing it. Utilizing a Dominus hitbox comes at the expenditure of the absence of height, leading to less dependable ground plays. The reliability and well balanced nature of the Octane hitbox will usually be favoured in the professional scene.

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What is the very best Car in Rocket League?

Now that we have developed that you will probably be wishing to utilize a cars and truck with the Octane hitbox, the concern is which vehicle body should you choose? If you have actually been focusing on the professional scene, there are 2 clear favorites.

From the really early phases of the video game, the very best Rocket League gamers started to understand that the Octane body remained in truth the very best cars and truck in Rocket League. This is since the shape matched that of the Octane hitbox the very best, compared to other bodies with the exact same hitbox such as the Zippy or the Backfire. Utilizing a vehicle that finest matches the hitbox indicates that you will have the ability to evaluate how the automobile will reach the ball much better. This in turn makes it simpler to strike the ball in the instructions that you desire.

Fennec: New Challenger has actually Emerged

For years the Octane controlled the professional scene. Sometimes you would see a various automobile (primarily the Dominus/Dominus Hitbox) being utilized if a gamer wished to alter things up, however the huge bulk of gamers stuck to their relied on Octanes. This was up until in the 2nd half of 2019, where a leading pro started to alter the meta.

Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak originated making use of Fennec, a brand-new vehicle body that had actually been launched in July2019 The Fennec had an Octane hitbox, and due to it having a more rectangle-shaped shape it fit the shape of the hitbox even much better than the Octane did. Chausette45 was perhaps the very best Rocket League gamer on the planet over the Summer of 2019 as his game-changing efficiencies in the Fennec assisted his group to win Dreamhack Valencia and end up 2nd location at the Rocket League Summit occasion. His setup ended up being the default in all Rocket League Pro Settings.

Since then, the Fennec has actually been quickly growing in appeal. Now we are at a point where around 50% of pros are utilizing the Fennec in RLCS.

To state that the Octane is still the very best cars and truck in Rocket League is absolutely up for argument.

The Dominus: A passing away type

Like discussed previously, in the previous pros would periodically utilize the Dominus if they wished to alter things up. The longer hitbox can permit fancy mechanical plays to be simplified, with the disadvantage being a little less trusted ground plays. You get a great deal of 50/50 s since of its absence of height. The most noteworthy professional understood to utilize the Dominus was Jesus ” trick” Parra.

He utilized the Dominus in Cloud 9’s well-known RLCS Season 6 Championship where they removed the dynasty of Dignitas.

However slowly in time, pros have actually stopped utilizing the Dominus. We are at a point where we are fortunate to get back at a look of any prolonged cars and truck body. With the advancement of professional play, gamers are a lot more constant with their mechanics nowadays and they will constantly choose a more trusted Octane hitbox when completing.

What automobile should you utilize in Rocket League?

I would argue that the Fennec is the very best cars and truck in Rocket League at the minute. The primary benefit for me is due to the fact that of how well it suits the Octane hitbox. I think that all pros would be utilizing the Fennec if it had actually been included from the start. Those that are still utilizing the Octane are simply extremely comfy with it after playing countless hours, therefore a modification would not be useful to them.

At the end of the day, it actually is simply individual choice. If you seem like you can be the very best Rocket League gamer on the planet in the Dominus and even the Scarab, then you ought to continue to utilize that. Think about either Fennec or Octane if you truly wish to take on the very best Rocket League gamers worldwide.

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