Ukraine live rundown: Putin declares West is attempting to take apart Russia; China to host Kremlin ally Lukashenko

As his intrusion of Ukraine enters its 2nd year, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared without offering proof that the West is attempting to take apart Russia and develop control over its constituent parts, and he recommended that his actions are encouraged by protective interests. “They have one objective: to spread the previous Soviet Union and its primary part, the Russian Federation,” Putin stated of the West in a tv interview.

Nine years after Russia unlawfully annexed Crimea, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky swore to return the peninsula to Ukrainian control. “It is rational that by liberating Crimea, we will put a historical end to any efforts by Russia to destroy the lives of Ukrainians,” he stated in his nighttime address

A U.S. State Department representative stated Sunday that Crimea comes from Ukraine. The very same day, nevertheless, the U.S. nationwide security consultant decreased to state whether the United States would support Ukraine retaking the peninsula militarily.

Here’s the most recent on the war and its causal sequences around the world.

Discreetly, and at danger, Russian volunteers assist Ukrainian refugees: A trick, loosely linked network of volunteers is assisting Ukrainians in Russia run away to Europe. The Kremlin’s unique services are breaking down, Mary Ilyushina and Ksenia Ivanova report.

” In our nation, any volunteer company or any sort of effort to self-organize resembles a red rag for a bull,” stated a Ukrainian-born volunteer in her late 50 s who has actually resided in Russia for the majority of her life and has a Russian passport. She was at a stop along the snowy highway on her method to bring 9 Ukrainians to the Finnish border from St. Petersburg.

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