Twitter Provides New Insights into How Marketers Can Align with March Madness Engagement

With the NCAA ‘March Madness’ Tournament quickly approaching, Twitter has shared some brand-new insights to assist online marketers take advantage of the surrounding discussion, and optimize their reach amongst March Madness fans.

As per Twitter:

March Madness is an interactive experience on Twitter. Users live Tweet as the action occurs, with roughly 80% of #MarchMadness Tweets taking place throughout gameplay in2022 We suggest a mix of prepared and live material for your project, to keep content fresh and show to fans that you’re invested and along for the flight.

And this year’s occasion is most likely to be a significant concentrate on Twitter when again, with video views on college basketball-related tweets up 41% year-over-year.

As it is on all platforms, video is among the best-performing material types, and it makes good sense to align your March Madness outreach with this pattern to make the most of resonance and reach.

Twitter has actually likewise supplied this chart which takes a look at March Madness engagement, and when the discussion peaks at various times throughout the occasion.

That might be a convenient guide for your tie-in projects, assisting to match your themed efforts with the most interesting spikes.

Twitter likewise keeps in mind that language is essential in March Madness converstion:

We’ve observed trending keywords connected to history and drama (upset, cinderella, buzzer-beater, historical) spike in the #MarchMadness discussion. This is a chance for copywriters to progress project language to show how genuine fans are discussing the competition and the groups they’re supporting.”

Another prospective factor to consider for your method.

March Madness is a substantial occasion, with countless individuals tuning in, and tweeting through all the low and high of the competition.

That might provide a series of important chances, and these guidelines might assist to guarantee that you do not lose out on conference college basketball fans, and casual observers, at the crucial minutes.

You can find out more of Twitter’s March Madness insights here


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