Twitter Considers New Option to Set a Reminder on Individual Tweets

This appears a little mean-spirited– though inadvertently, I would presume.

Today, Twitter designer Andrea Conway has actually shared a brand-new mock-up of a possible performance that would make it possible for users to set an alert to be advised of a particular tweet, anywhere from an hour to a year beforehand.

Which might be helpful, as there’s a series of circumstances where somebody, state, tweets something about a sports group or occasion, and you may wish to keep tabs on that for later referral.

Where it feels a little jilted is that there are currently services like this on Twitter, through automated bot accounts, developed by third-party designers, like ‘ Remind Me of This Tweet’

Via Remind Me of This Tweet, users can just point out the appropriate Twitter deal with, together with a timespan, and the bot account will alert you of that tweet at a future point of your picking.

Which is the precise very same performance that Twitter’s now aiming to possibly make a native procedure – which it in fact may need to, due to the fact that with Twitter’s just recently revealed API modifications, which will dramatically increase the rate of gain access to, the majority of these kinds of tools are going to go extinct, due to the fact that they just can’t pay for the brand-new charges.

As such, it appears a little like rubbing salt in the injury, that as these apps are being evaluated of presence, Twitter is including them as ‘brand-new’ performance.

At the exact same time, numerous Twitter users would be uninformed that these kinds of third-party tools are a thing, so making them native functions would likewise make them more generally available, most likely increasing their worth in general.

So it’s a little from column A and a little from column B, however it does feel a little off.

I question the number of other third-party Twitter works the business might make native as these tools fail– and I question, then, how that will be seen by the dev neighborhood, which has actually played a huge function in making Twitter as popular and commonly utilized as it is today.

Will that have longer-term ramifications, or will making more of these kinds of functions native be of more advantage than the disadvantage?

We’ll likely discover, with Twitter’s brand-new API prices set to enter into impact in ‘within months’.


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