Tunic’s main fox plushie is extremely lovable

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If you’re in the marketplace for a bit of video gaming product that simply may make your eyeballs pump up precariously in your skull from large cuteness overload, publisher Finji is here to aid with a main plushie variation of the fox from Andrew Shouldice’s well-known action-adventure Tunic.

Ordinarily, charming fluffy plushies most likely would not be leading of my news list (unless we’re speaking about the Monster Hunter ones, cos those’re bloody fantastic), however the chorus of ‘awws’ and ‘ahhhhs’ in the Eurogamer Slack when this thing got published recommends interest might be high. It’s charming enough that even I’m lured to get one, and I do not even especially enjoy Tunic.

Tunic’s main fox plushie- which comes total with adorably squishy removable sword and guard – has actually been made in partnership with Fangamer, suggesting you’ll either need to get it by means of the business’s site or hope it turns up at regional convention.

If the very first alternative is your only choice, it costs $32 through Fangamer’s shop, plus an extra $12 for shipping and projected taxes to the UK – which may be the last nail in the casket for potential purchasers, however I’m the man who paid ₤130 for a lot of Sam & & Max figures in 2015, so I’m most likely not the very best judge when it concerns these sorts of things.

Tunic introduced to big recognition in 2015.

Anyway, that marks completion these days’s charming plushie news (unless Capcom reveals a fluffy life-sized Khezu, in which case I’m scared there’ll be more), however if you’re not yet sated, enable me to blend you back in time to this charming Sly Cooper plushie Victoria blogged about in 2015.


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