Truth Selects: Jesse Kanda directs Tzusing’s 偶像包袱 ( Idol Baggage)

A visual that checks out the “classy muscles” of a structure that safeguards Japan from tsunamis and hurricanes.

In the video for Malaysian manufacturer Tzusing‘s brand-new single ‘偶像包袱 ( Idol Baggage)’, director Jesse Kanda sets the track’s finely-tuned drums and tense strings to video of among the biggest anti-flood tanks worldwide.

” Innocently and most mostly, I wished to reveal the appeal of this structure by itself,” Kanda states. “Personally, the story of the video is of feeling and its direct relationship with the body in the procedure of liquifying separation. Non-stop checking out direct experience– with perseverance, with love. The typography that is set up over the video is the Heart Sutra from the Buddhist custom which associates to this procedure.”

‘ 偶像包袱 ( Idol Baggage)’ functions on Tzusing’s brand-new album 绿帽 ( Green Hat), which is launched on 31 March through PAN. The album “contemplates China’s complex history of patriarchal heteronormativity, and how these antiquated double requirements continue to control the culture in prevalent, typically undetectable methods”.


Director/Editor: Jesse Kanda

Producer: Kana Fujimaki

Cinematographer: Timothée Lambrecq

Drone/Photography: Steve Gaudin

Transport, Health & & Safety: Tomo Takahashi

Music composed & & produced by Tzusing

Mixed by Jondu

Mastered by Enyang Urbiks


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