Truth Premiere: Nene H– Hold Ud, Skat!

Nene H checks out the experiences of her queer, POC neighborhood browsing the colonial history of art and culture in Western Europe.

On her current EP for Live From Earth Klub, Trifecta, Nene H provides 3 homages to cities that hold unique significance in her life, assessing the locations that have actually formed and influenced her as an artist. Having actually funnelled her deep love for Istanbul into a tribute to Sirän, a rave cumulative for cultural exchange she co-founded in 2015, with ‘Ring the Sirän’, and sent out up the self-serious European techno scene in her present base of Berlin with ‘Fukken Lie’, here, with ‘Hold Ud, Skat!’, she opens her heart to Copenhagen, a city she feels accepted her at a time when she felt most lost.

” The last of these 3 videos is devoted to Copenhagen, where I discovered a lot of brown, queer sis that motivated me a lot, living their own fact, developing their own areas, truth and culture in Europe, with experiences that are strange to our presence in Western European nations and flourishing due to the fact that of it, nonetheless,” she describes. “It ended up being an extremely effective visual language surrounding this EP and this ended up being such an individual and essential task for me.”

” The story has to do with how we as POCs typically discover ourselves far from our origins and experience the world through a westernised point of view,” includes director Noah Umur Kanber. “We see our history in taken and offered things translucented museum glasses. The neighborhood we produce is not just for survival however likewise for understanding. We see each other and we assist each other to discover the lost pieces in ourselves, recovering the antiques’ cultural heritage and producing the brand-new history of our culture.”

Set versus an immediate technoid charge, we see in little minutes of delight in between good friends the texture of daily uniformity within their neighborhood, yet the procedure by which this is made into a phenomenon for those people in the audience is not lost on anybody. Throughout, the video camera is turned back on us, a subversive act of fight that links the colonial practises of the museum with the Eurocentric requirements of the art scenes within which Nene H grows regardless.

‘ Hold Ud, Skat’ is drawn from Trifecta, out now on Live From Earth Klub You can discover Nene H on Instagram

Hold Ud, Skat! Credits:

Director– Noah Umur Kanber

DOP– Cat P Coleman

Producer– Benjamin Muasya

Editor– Ribka M. Pattinama Coleman

Colorist– Ribka M. Pattinama Coleman

Steadicam– Lars Noerlund

Focus puller– Neffi Kristensen

Production assistant– Josva


Nene H

Sahar Jamil

DJ Nah Care

Sofia Skir


Kimia Farhadian

Thank you– Davids Samling, Diamond Rice

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