Truth Mix: S-candalo

Sibling DJ duo S-candalo pay tribute to the whirlwind vigor of queer and Latin home.

Tania and Dominik Humeres Correa have actually been making waves in their base of Berlin for many years, bringing sincere level of sensitivity and queer sensuality to lovesick home, swollen-hearted techno and dewey-eyed hypnotic trance as THC and DHC respectively. Independently they’ve rapidly ended up being components of the scene, with Tania playing a silently famous residency at Radiant Love and Dominik making a series of feted solo looks on Berlin’s number one bathroom-based cultural export, HÖR, it’s together, as S-candalo, that the brother or sisters are at their freest and most transcendant.

Over the in 2015 the duo have actually focused on an alluring pressure of steamy bliss, a noise that is as affected by their Latin roots in Bogotá as it is by the LGBTQIA+ and FLINTA club cultures they live in. This is possibly best exhibited by their brand-new celebration La noche, which they run along with Radiant Records’ Byron Yeates, the very first edition of which includes kindred spirits Angel D’lite, eoin dj, Cáit and ferrari rot.

” This is the very first S-candalo mix in a year,” Tania and Dominik state of their Fact mix. “After taking our noise on the roadway we prepared a mix that represents us in our truest type. With our music, we wish to assess our culture and heritage whilst commemorating Latin and queer affects on home music. Intent is whatever and we wish to make music that empowers us along with our listeners.”

” In the very first half of the mix you can hear the smoother side of S-candalo and in the 2nd half the club noise you can get out of us.” Moving through a choice of club tracks both pumping and lively, this is S-candalo at their most sophisticated and immediate, a testimony to the whirlwind vigor of queer and Latin home and a plan for the type of celebrations we wish to see more of on the planet.

You can discover THC on Instagram and DHC on Instagram You can discover S-candalo on SoundCloud Capture both DJs on the Venus Vessels reveal on Radio 80000 You can likewise capture THC curating HOT BOX, a brand-new residency on HÖR


Jazzmun– ‘You Can’t Handle It’ (Rene & & Jon’s Peanut Mix)

Frank ‘O– ‘Outside’ (Frank ‘O Moiraghi Guitar Mix)

Albita– ‘Valga El Brillo De Tus Ojos’ (The Dungeon Dub)

R Angels– ‘I Need To Know’ (The Happy House– Club Instrumental)

Jíbaros– ‘Colorá’ (Dub)

Hoxton Whores– ‘Smoothe’

Fuego!– ‘America Latina’ (Al-Faris & & Andrew Wooden Mix 1)

Tell United States– ‘Get Em Up’ (X-Tended)

Pulse– ‘Music Takes You’ (Club Dub)

Junior O & & Prince Quick Mix– ‘Miss Thing’ (It’s Over Mix)

Kynt– ‘Makes Me Hot’ (Joey Alvarado & & Midnight Society’s Late Dub)

Superchumbo– ‘This Beat Is’ (Victor Calderone Tribal Mix)

Larissa Vitorino– ‘I Had Enough’ (E-Thunder Tribal Dub)

Soluna– ‘Bring It To Me’ (Pablo Flores Club Mix)

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