Reddit Announces New ‘Watch’ Feed of Video Content

Reddit’s aiming to lean into the more comprehensive pattern towards video material with the intro of a brand-new, devoted ‘Watch’ feed in the app, which will make it possible for users to swipe through a nonstop stream of video posts.

As you can see in these examples, you’ll quickly have the ability to scroll Reddit in either ‘Read’ or ‘Watch’ mode, with the previous highlighting text-based posts, and the latter offering a constant feed of vertical video material.

Which is really not substantially various to the existing Reddit experience– when you see a video in the app, you can swipe approximately keep seeing more video posts. It’s simply that now it will be a more specific user option, with the capability to pick a TikTok-like feed of simply videos in the app, which might assist to keep users more engaged, regularly.

The upgrade mimics comparable video eats Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter, however once again, the primary distinction in this case is that it will provide users a direct option to see just video material, rather than tapping through on a video, then scrolling to see more.

Which, once again, follows TikTok’s lead, and with increasingly more users investing more lengthy video material, it makes good sense for Reddit to additional align its UI with this pattern.

Worth keeping in mind that Meta now assists in 140 billion Reels plays throughout Facebook and Instagram every day, with the format being a crucial element in Meta improving user engagement of late.

Maybe, a devoted video feed will have comparable influence on Reddit– however in any case, it’s not a significant redesign, and most likely worth the experiment.

In addition to this, Reddit’s likewise dealing with an upgraded UI, which will be less chaotic, and more concentrated on discovery.

Reddit’s likewise seeking to upgrade numerous other aspects:

Coming quickly, we’ll present our upgraded web platform to provide quick and reputable experiences to everybody internationally, brand-new updates to our video gamer to allow redditors to quickly talk while enjoying, chat improvements, brand-new shop updates and more.

It’s tough to inform how huge those modifications will be at this phase, however it is intriguing to keep in mind Reddit’s crucial locations of focus, as it seeks to enhance the app, and increase engagement.

Reddit, which now serves over 57 million day-to-day users, is still working to optimize its service chances, with enhanced advertisement offerings and targeting tools. And they might be worth thinking about– while Reddit’s audience might be smaller sized than other platforms, Reddit users tend to be extremely taken part in their subjects of interest, and the capability to reach users by means of subreddit might be a terrific method to get in touch with the best individuals with your deals.

At the least, it’s a strong platform for research study, which preliminary use might simply highlight brand-new chances that you weren’t familiar with.


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