Reality Mix: OSSX

OSSX charge through a blend with the type of unstoppable momentum that makes it physically and mentally difficult to leave the dance flooring.

OSSX do not fuck about. The East Coast all-star team of Equiss, Lektor Scopes and Elise waste no time at all in plunging us head initially into 90 minutes of untainted, peak time pressure. “This would be usually how we would play stepping up to the decks,” the trio ensure us, “we wished to catch our routine club set energy.” While this may be simply another day at the workplace for these 3, make no error that this is OSSX at the height of their powers, a set with the sort of unstoppable momentum that makes it physically and mentally difficult to leave the dance flooring.

This is a masterclass in keeping bodies moving, a deft journey through techno variations from around the world, signing up with the dots in between Japan, Europe, the UK, New York and LA, woven flawlessly into the trio’s unequaled event of American dance music, discovering the through line in between NYC breakbeat, Jersey club heat, riotous Philly club modifies, unclean Florida breaks and Miami juke. They even discover time to release a handful of their own solo productions, unreleased OSSX cuts and a tempting ‘Dare’ remodel.

Yet it’s with their concentrate on UK designs that OSSX are actually bending here, moving perfectly through a spotless choice of UKG, stumbling bassline, relentless jungle and G-force-inducing speed garage, revealing specific love to Bristol duo Disaffected, who come out swinging on 3 different events. Conjuring up the spirit of oldskool hardcore in an out of breath sprint to the surface, OSSX kiss off with a Styles P timeless, the ideal note on which to sign up with the remainder of the celebration.

You can discover OSSX on Bandcamp Elise, Equiss and Lektor Scopes are on Instagram.


DJ Shufflemaster– ‘Fourthinter’

1morning– ‘Flow’

Huey Mnemonic– ‘As Above So Below’

D-Base– ‘Love Is Deeper’

Disaffected– ‘Now We Will Commence’

Lektor Scopes– ‘Touch It’

SP: MC– ‘Big Request’

Tah– ‘Talk Tuff’

OSSX– ‘Dare Edit’

DJ Sega– ‘Stand Out’ (DJ Sega Remix)

Nienna– ‘Around Here’

Abe & & Ayo C– ‘4 The Big Gurlz’

Green Velvet– ‘Shake And Pop Instrumental’

DJ K Shiz– ‘Hands On Your Knees’ (Arch In Ya Back)

Sticktalk– ‘U Right Now Shut Up’

Soul Mass Transit System– ‘Wine’

Chontane– ‘After Images’

Alarico– ‘Boya’

Deniro– ‘MPC Tracks A2’

Point Reyes– ‘Icy Acid’

Kanyon– ‘Conga Mix’

1morning & & The Sixth Sense– ‘Untitled’

OSSX– ‘????’

Skeptic– ‘Vots Dub’

Tessela– ‘Rub’

OSSX– ‘Queso & & Bones’

Near Dark– ‘Vile Child’

Disaffected– ‘Offie Scran’

Tre Oh Fie– ‘Sit On It’

OSSX– ‘Make Nice’

Duburban– ‘Heartbeat’

Lost– ‘Elevate’

Radicall– ‘In The Air’

Coco Bryce & & Breaka– ‘Want U’

Disaffected– ‘Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava’

Moresounds– ‘Warcloth (Amen Fi Coleco)’

Styles P– ‘Good Times (I Get High)’

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