Peak Legends Broken Collection Event Tracker Won’t be Fixed by Event’s End

Apex Legends remains in the middle of an occasion today, the Imperial Guard Collection occasion. This event in-game becomes part of the title’s X anniversary, with cosmetics for gamers to purchase however likewise make through an in-game tracker. In spite of being a limited-time occasion this has actually broken. Respawn has actually likewise validated that they’re not going to do anything about it either. The damaged collection occasion tracker will not be repaired till after the occasion is over.

The Apex collection occasion tracker has actually quit working for an excellent part of the gamer base, making it challenging to really get all of the complimentary material that they’ve been grinding for. This is constantly discouraging, however instead of simply implying a hold-up Respawn has actually verified that it indicates these gamers will lose out on the occasion as a whole.

Apex Legends’ Broken Collection Event Tracker

In Apex occasions, an occasion tracker is frequently utilized as a side kind of development. It’s type of like another Battle Pass simply for the occasion. It has tiers that you require to finish missions to advance through, with much better rewards going all the method up. This development is an uncommon opportunity to get something complimentary out of the occasions, however it hasn’t gone to strategy. The Apex broken collection occasion tracker is going to imply gamers lose out.

For many days, the issue has actually appeared. Gamers got to around 1,250 points. It simply stopped. Their development was totally stopped. It hasn’t impacted everybody. It’s been enough of a problem that a great number of gamers have actually experienced it. Respawn has actually reacted to the problems too. While they’re dealing with a repair, it isn’t great news.

Source: @Respawn

Developers have actually stated that they will not have the ability to repair it prior to the occasion ends. This can leave gamers sort of in limbo over the coming weeks. They may get a few of the benefits later on, however they will not have the ability to follow their development or physically declare any of the later benefits.

The brand-new season for Apex follows a little a lull for the video game. Bugs like this are frustrating, specifically when it indicates material will leave the video game prior to it gets repaired. Ideally, those impacted still get their benefits if a little belatedly. If you’re impacted by the tracker, keep an eye out for Apex Legends news to see when the benefits in fact do make it to gamers.


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