Muerta Dota 2 Guide to countering every Hero

Muerta is the current undead granny with a heartbreaking backstory hero that Dota 2 gamers can now delight in. On top of her distinct capability, Muerta can be a flexible hero that fits both bring and support functions, that makes her the most popular hero today, yet with an underwhelming 45% win rate.

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Muerta Dota 2 Skills

Muerta is an Intelligence-based hero with 3 active abilities and a passive. Her very first ability, Dead Shot, works as a ricochet that strikes all systems it passes, just like Pangolier’s Swashbuckle without the hero moving along. Whilst being an instantaneous wave-clearing capability, Dead Shot’s secondary impact is fearing a challenger hero on effect.

Since the Fear result’s instructions depends upon the shot’s trajectory, it can be utilized in an imaginative method to require the challenger into an uncomfortable position. Dead Shot isn’t even subdued in the grand plan of her other abilities, besides being extremely reliable versus mobile heroes.

Her 2nd capability, The Calling, is an AOE spell that does numerous results. From the sluggish and minimized attack speed to a good damage output from the rounding revenants that likewise silences on-hit.

Her passive, Gunslinger, offers her an additional proc of 2nd attack. At max level, it’s a 50% proc possibility, which basically lets her deal double auto-attack damage.

Lastly, Pierce the Veil, her supreme, makes her unsusceptible to physical damage, comparable to heavenly type. She likewise starts dealing magic damage in this active type with phased motion. This makes her a best counter versus assistances that purchase Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade, while rendering physical-damage opponents outdated.

Muerta Dota 2 statistics on DOTABUFF

Muerta Dota 2 Carry Build

Dota 2 Muerta is marketed as a bring hero that has a comparable product construct with Nature’s Prophet and Lina. Energy products that provide fantastic bring statistics, such as Dragon Lance and Gleipnir You can update Dragon Lance into Hurricane Pike, however the essence of it is that these products are simple to construct and uses a reputable lockdown and positioning.

These make her efficient when triggering her supreme, letting her go ham on neighboring opponents. Furthermore, Orchid into Bloodthorn can be an enormous damage increase as her passive procs along with the silence debuff. While these products are elegant to get instantly, with great lane capacity and energy abilities, select Midas ahead of time to rapidly rake up in net-worth.

Lastly, buying BKB may be overkill in the majority of matches considering that Muerta has physical damage resistance. If you do get BKB, an uncommon impact triggers Muerta to end up being. Now, we aren’t particular if this is a desired adverse effects, however Muerta ends up being unsusceptible to both damages when utilizing her Ultimate and BKB.

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Muerta Dota 2 Support Build

Excluding her passive capability, Muerta still has flexible combination with Dead Shot and The Calling. When utilized sensibly, Muerta Dota 2 Support gamers can disable a target hero approximately 4 seconds. Her supreme ends up being a protective ability, that avoids her from physical-damage brings.

Any energy product that provides conserves, mana, and extra disables are feasible for the precious Muerta Dota 2 assistance develop.

The Dota 2 Muerta hero is an intriguing take on a cruel Mexican woman’s tradition, while keeping her playstyle enjoyable. Even without Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard upgrades, Muerta is still a great hero in today’s meta, similar to last spot’s Lina Dota 2 develop.


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