More designers ought to utilize Valve’s honeypot techniques to capture cheaters

Valve just recently launched information about 40,000 Dota 2 accounts that have actually been completely prohibited. Their strategies in capturing cheaters were not unique however were rather innovative for a video game designer.

Other designers must keep in mind.

Ingenious honeypot trap from Valve

Accounts were captured red-handed utilizing third-party Dota cheat software application, however it was how Valve obtained their strategy that makes this a huge story. Along with the statement on the restriction wave, Valve likewise included that they established a honeypot trap to capture gamers utilizing the make use of.

Valve’s designers purposefully left information that should not show up throughout gameplay open up to exploits. This “unique” and beneficial info is just legible through these exploits, thus a honeypot was set.

Obviously, Valve utilized this to with confidence determine everybody that utilized the make use of from the active Dota playerbase, and provided the little restriction hammer(- ing).

It was likewise revealed that this specific make use of has actually discovered use in different types of cheats in the market. Which is why the restriction numbers are extremely big. This is obviously simply the pointer of the iceberg for Valve’s anti-cheats project to hunt down harmful users in the Dota 2 playerbase.

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Setting an Example

More frequently than not, the fight versus unfaithful in video games is a quiet fight, despite category. Valve took this chance to display its dedication to shutting down cheaters, who are destroying the gamer experience for others unjustly.

After all, the most recent honeypot trap will trigger stress and anxiety amongst cheaters and cheat designers alike. If a make use of is now recognized, a concern is postured.

  • Was the make use of left there to be discovered, or was it ingeniously discovered?


  • Is this cheat legitimate or is Valve simply making cheats to capture cheaters wholesale?

For the inexperienced, running applications that check out unique information from the Dota customer can result in an irreversible restriction. Obviously, Valve will even prohibit professional gamers who cheat, from all Valve competitive occasions as a more serious penalty.

For the cheats designers, ideally, this power play from Valve would maim their abhorrent operations and discourage possible clients.

Other designers ought to keep in mind

Honeypot systems are utilized by hackers and white hats alike, and its cool that cheat makers got a taste of their medication.

But, why is this a remarkable strategy that is news worthwhile and not a market requirement. Lots of designers boast their Vanguard and BattleEye and VACs software applications for capturing cheaters; Yet, few of them have actually established an excellent honeypot to capture all these cheats accessing particular information that should not naturally be accessed.

Maybe it’s time all designers regularly develop incorrect flag exploits to a point where cheat designers are not specific what is genuine and what isn’t any longer. Let stress and anxiety do the rest.


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