LoL Deathmatch 2023 – Details, Release Date and more

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming League of Legends 2023 Deathmatch 2v2v2v2 game mode.

Image Credits | Riot Games

League players will get a new Deathmatch game mode in 2023

The League developers have heard the community’s requests and have confirmed that a new game mode is coming to League this year. Throughout the game’s history, players could access alternative game modes to Summoners’ Rift like Dominion and Twisted Treeline. Unfortunately, both of them were removed by Riot a few years ago. While we were left with ARAM, as well as other temporary game modes like Nexus Blitz, Odyssey, and Doom Bots, players have been unsatisfied with the variety of available game modes.

In an apology video for the lackluster new League of Legends season cinematic, Rioters Brightmoon and Meddler have mentioned that the game mode is already in the works and the prototype has been “promising”. Meddler also confirmed that there will be a different out-of-game experience as well, to the joy of League lore fans.

The Rioters have mentioned that the Deathmatch game mode should be coming in the Summer of 2023. That said, they haven’t confirmed exactly when the new game mode is arriving.

What will the new League of Legends 2v2v2v2 mode look like?

While we weren’t given many details so far, Riot confirmed that the new Deathmatch mode will take place on the Nexus Blitz map. This would be the first-ever League of Legends game mode with more than two teams competing simultaneously.

Image Credits | Riot Games

According to Riot Meddler, the game mode will work in a series of death-match-like rounds where you buy items and level up between rounds. It’s likely that the four teams will not go against each other at once, but there will be separate rounds where two teams will go at it at a time. That said, this is just speculation for the moment. Meddler said that we should be expecting more news and info about it around March.

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