LEC Spring 2023: location, tickets, costs and more

If you wish to see the LEC 2023 Spring Split live, here is all the details you require to get the tickets and delight in some fantastic League action.

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LEC 2023 Spring Split Tickets– Where to purchase them

LoL fans can get their hands on some LEC Spring 2023 tickets at their main Eventbrite page beginning on Wednesday, February 22 at 17: 00 CET (16: 00 GMT, 8: 00 PT). Make certain to be fast on getting your pass as quickly as possible, prior to they are all offered out.

To acquire the tickets, click the “Get Tickets” button on the Eventbrite page, select the variety of tickets you wish to get, and after that checkout.

Remember that the Spring Split will be played in Berlin, Germany, at the LEC Studio. Listed below you can discover the ticket costs, depending upon the stage of the split:

  • LEC Spring 2023 routine season– EUR12(Mar. 11-27)
  • LEC Spring 2023 group phase and playoffs– EUR12(Apr. 8-22)
  • LEC Spring 2023 finals– EUR12(Apr. 23)
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LEC Spring 2023 will be the 2nd split of the season

The LEC 2023 season is the very first season that carries out a three-split format. This was done to offer more amazing actions, with the addition of more Best-of series throughout each split.

While the LEC Winter Playoffs are being played presently, the majority of the groups are currently anticipating the Spring Split and intending to accomplish much better outcomes. The must-watch groups entering into the 2nd split of the season are certainly going to be XL Esports and Fnatic. Both of them were at the bottom of the standings with rather dreadful efficiencies.

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Razork shared on stream what failed with FNC a while earlier, so there are huge reports that we may be seeing some lineup modifications on Fnatic’s end. That being stated, we will need to wait another couple of weeks, as the LEC Spring Split formally begins on Mar. 11.

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