Lappi: Crashing from WRC Rally Mexico lead “hard to swallow”

The Finn stated Friday as one of the very best days of his World Rally Championship profession after holding back eight-time world champ Sebastian Ogier to construct a 5.3 s lead into Saturday.

However, Lappi’s effort was reversed in an immediate when he misjudged a left-hander that led to a heavy crash on Stage 11 (Ibarrilla), the very first test of the day.

The previous Toyota chauffeur ran broad and dragged the nose of his i20 N into an embankment, which fired the vehicle throughout the roadway where it came to rest after rear-ending a telegraph pole. Lappi and co-driver Jonne Ferm prevented injury.

Lappi exposed that oil from a container placed on the top of the dropped telegraph pole dropped onto his vehicle and dripped down to the engine bay, which fired up a little fire.

The 2017 Rally Finland winner utilized all of his cars and truck’s fire extinguishers to take on the fire prior to ultimately getting control of the fire when WRC2 chauffeur Gus Greensmith came to the scene and handed him another fire extinguisher.

The fire was ultimately put out by firemens that showed up on the scene later on.

Reflecting on the crash, Lappi thinks it was the outcome of not pressing tough enough in the phase.

” It may sound insane to you however I seemed like I was driving too sluggish,” stated Lappi.

” When you drive more safe it is in fact harder and I think this occurred now. I drove a bit too safe.

” I believe I was a bit captured out. There is a right with a cut and it goes directly to a left over a crest so I believe I was a bit captured out with this cut.

” There was a hold-up on the entry to the left and we went large where the exit narrows and we struck a bank which spun us out instantly and after that we struck with the back, the electrical power pole.

” It was extremely really regrettable. It is tough to swallow however on the other hand when you defend the win you still require to press and possibly I was not pressing tough adequate in fact.

” I didn’t have the appropriate rhythm and I was not possibly having the very same circulation when you truly press and assault, I was simply bit far too late on the entry.”

Lappi was encouraged his i20 N would end up being swallowed up by flames and he would lose the automobile totally.

While the cars and truck will not go back to the phases on Sunday, he thanked Greensmith for his assistance in handling the fire.

” I handled to shut it [the fire] down. It appears there was an oil container on the top of the pole which in fact spread out all of the oil on top of our vehicle and it decreased to the engine bay,” he included.

” I believed we were going to lose the automobile however I got an extinguisher from Gus and we handled to practically shut it down and after that the firemens came and completed the task. I made certain we were going to lose the automobile.

” I do not believe so,” he included when asked if he would return on Sunday. “It appears the rollcage is alright however the chassis is a bit … and we do not understand with the fire if anything was harmed.”

The 2nd pass of Ibarrilla, phase 15, has actually been cancelled due to the damage brought on by the crash.


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