“It’s a dream come to life”– Interview with LEC Referee Susy

Recently I’ve had the possibility to talk with Susanna “ Susy” Barsotti, who is working for Riot as one of the LEC Referee. From her profession course to ending up being a referee to her brand-new life chapter in Berlin, Susy showed us the life of an esports referee. This belongs to our series covering those functions and tasks that might go undetected within the world of esports.

Interview with Susy, existing Referee for the LEC

Q: Hello there Susy and welcome! We’re delighted to have you here!

Helloooooooo, thank you for having me! This is my first-ever interview and I’m really ecstatic and grateful for the chance!

Q: So how about we leap right into it? Could you inform us more about your task and what you do?

So, I’m presently working as a referee for the LEC and EMEA Masters. I likewise work as an admin for the Italian League competitors with PG Esports. To put it merely, I work as a ref throughout the entire week throughout the various competitions. And it appears like I will be extending that to VALORANT too, beginning with completion of this month! I’m essentially doing the ref 24/ 7, to the point where I’m dreaming about in-game bugs and possible technical problems over night!

Q: How did you get to end up being a LEC referee?

I would consider myself exceptionally fortunate. I’ve constantly looked for methods to discover the abilities and qualities needed to end up being a League ref. After finishing in law last summertime, I’ve striven and invested the majority of the break on task applications for Riot.

I understood I didn’t wish to begin operating in a sector I would not have actually taken pleasure in, which’s why I’ve put great deals of effort into this. I still keep in mind how my pals and I utilized to dream about winding up in the LEC together, and now I was provided an opportunity. Needless to state, I’m incredibly grateful for the chance.

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Q: Turning a dream into truth constantly bring excellent individual fulfillment. Now that you’re dealing with Riot, you have actually transferred to Berlin. How is life there compared to Italy? Exists anything you miss out on from Italy in specific?

Aside from the weather condition, which is not as good, I would certainly state I miss out on Italian food, specifically pizza, and pasta. I keep in mind getting a Carbonara at the studio one day and yeah, as a lady originating from Rome, you most likely can picture my response. It wasn’t an excellent choice.

There are likewise other things, particularly when it concerns every day life. I miss out on going to the movie theater with my bestie and taking pleasure in the movies on reclining seats. Another thing that I miss out on is McDonald’s Crispy McBacon (not sponsored, ahaha). There aren’t any in Berlin, and I do not understand why it’s not readily available throughout all Mc’s. For me, it’s plainly a bad company choice!

Looking for an apartment or condo was likewise rather problematic, however I in some way handled to discover a good location for myself. On a favorable note, however, living expenditures in Berlin are rather comparable to Italy, and whatever is rather helpful and useful.

Q: Are there other things you’re having a hard time in specific with? What are your objectives for the year?

I believe that moving into a brand-new nation alone absolutely implied ensuring sacrifices. Leaving whatever behind and having to change to a totally unknown environment wasn’t simple at. I normally work throughout the night times: I listen and engage with gamers the bulk of the time, and listen to their comms rather of hanging out with good friends at bars or clubs.

That stated, I’m ready to make these sacrifices since I’m working for something I’ve constantly imagined. I’m enjoying my time and I hope I can improve at my task and have the ability to continue operating in the market.

Currently, nevertheless, I’m frantically attempting to get some German given that it’s been rather a complex knowing procedure up until now. I hope I can get to a B1 level by the end of the year. Another long-lasting objective I’m setting myself is to begin a Master’s in the following years, specifically if I’m able to remain here.

Q: What’s your everyday regular appearing like today?

Honestly, I seem like I’m still having the normal player life when I’m not working. Since I was 6, I utilized to keep up till late to play Tomb Raider, so I have actually gotten the routine of sleeping exceptionally late and it hasn’t altered a bit.

When it’s LEC day, I simply concentrate on that and attempt to chill and rest well. Needing to stand all the time is rather physically extensive, specifically if you are not utilized to such strength. That’s why I normally attempt to move a bit and stroll backward and forward on phase.

If I’m dealing with PG (on weekdays), I typically study German or strike the health club in order to remain fit.

Q: Let’s speak about the LEC. You undoubtedly have had the opportunity to connect with the LEC gamers. How was it to fulfill the gamers in reality?

It was such an interesting minute for me initially, however I rapidly got utilized to it. We generally deal with a turn basis, which implies I get to engage with specific groups more than others. I ref ‘d Vitality as soon as, while Astralis was the group I worked with the most.

What I’ve discovered is that in every group there are constantly a couple of energetic gamers that wish to buzz up the environment and some that are more shy and reserved. It nearly seems like they are constantly stabilizing each other out.

Image Credits|Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Q: Considering you are likewise dealing with the Italian competitors, which is the most interesting group from PG Nats amongst the brand-new entries this year?

It’s most likely apparent however I would state DSYRE for the outcomes they are attaining. I’m rather sorry for DREN Esports also, offered their specific scenario. Having actually worked with practically everybody in PG, I believe these 2 groups’ comms are extremely amusing.

Q: We’re nearly to the end of our interview! Exists anybody you wish to scream out?

First, I actually wish to thank all those who pressed me into going into the Italian competitive scene. I wish to thank MACKO Esports’ Rharesh and Korax for presenting me to the competitive world: without them, I most likely would have never ever entered esports.

After those 2, I wish to thank GGE Esports’ Arthan for offering me the opportunity to assist the group out as a legal intern. I wan na thank Vischio, Atleta Esports, and those who permitted me to end up being a LEC Referee. In specific, I wish to scream out my manager for providing me the chance and satisfying my dream. That stated, I hope this is simply going to be the start of something even much better!

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