How To Shine Glass With 8 Ways Just In 3-Minutes

Especially as you wash them in the dishwasher, your glasses lose their sparkling appearance on the first day. Over time, it becomes hazy, scratched, stained and has an unhygienic appearance no matter how clean it is.

Clean glass shining
Clean glass shining

Fortunately, you don’t need to buy new glasses all the time to solve this annoying situation! By applying the practical methods we have compiled for you, you can easily get glasses that look brand new. Let’s take a look at these practical and economical methods together.

1. You can get support from the vinegar

vinegar and apple
Vinegar and apple

You can use vinegar to make your muddy glasses shine as if they were just bought. You only need one measure of vinegar and one measure of water for this. Mix water and vinegar in a bowl and put your dull glasses in this bowl and wait for a while. Remove your glasses, which you have kept for a few hours, from the vinegar water and clean them with a soft cloth. You will notice that the permanent spots and the hazy appearance will disappear in a short time.

2. Harness the power of lemon, salt and water

yellow lemon sileces with blue background
Yellow lemon slices

A panacea lemon; will come to the aid of your glasses by combining with salt and water! Add enough water to cover the glasses in a large saucepan. Then add a little lemon and salt and drop your glasses into this mixture. Boil the pot in this way on the stove for a while. There will be no trace of haze and stain from the glasses boiling with the power of lemon and salt! After boiling, you can rinse your glasses with warm water.

3. Get brand new glasses with toothpaste

toothbrush green brush
Green tootbrush

Yes, you heard right! You can also clean your glasses with toothpaste. Squeeze toothpaste onto a new toothbrush. Then wet the toothbrush a little. Scrub your glasses slowly with the brush so as not to damage them. After rubbing the inside and outside of your glasses with the help of a brush, rinse your glasses with warm water. You will be amazed at the perfect result you achieve in a short time!

4. Your glasses are sparkling with baking soda

Baking soda tasty
Baking soda

You can also get help from baking soda for your dull glasses. Put your glasses in a large bowl or basin. Add baking soda to the inside of your glasses halfway. Then fill it all up with water. Leave your glasses like this for a day or so. You can get your clean glasses by rinsing the next day. If you want a more effective result, you can repeat this process twice a week.

5. What is there that bleach can’t clean?

Cleaning stuff clorex hand sanitizer
Cleaning stuff

You can also use bleach to clean your misty and scratched glasses. Place your glasses in a large bowl and add boiling water to them. Add half a tea glass of bleach so that it comes into good contact with your glasses. Let your glasses sit like this for a few hours. Then wash your glasses once in the dishwasher to get rid of the effects of the bleach. You’ll see your glasses say goodbye to traces!

6. Did you know that fig leaves will clean your glasses?

beautiful fig opened on tree and leaf
Fig Leaf

Yes, if you haven’t heard before, we can say that fig leaves make your glasses look brand new. You can carry out your transaction by rubbing the fig leaves on your glasses that bother you with their scratched, misty, and stained appearance. Then add water and fig leaves to a pot. Put your glasses in the pot and bring the water to a boil. Then you can rinse your glasses with warm water and have clean glasses like the first day.

7. The most effective method, of course, is to take precautions

dishwasher cleaning glass and plates

Putting everything aside, one of the most effective tactics is to prevent your glasses from getting stained. For this, you can pay attention to some points when using your dishwasher. If your water is chalky, your glasses will almost boil in the dishwasher and lose their beautiful appearance. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by setting the drying option of your dishwasher to blow-drying. You can check the salt and rinse aid of your machine frequently. By using quality polishers, you can prevent your glasses from being damaged in your machine.

beautiful designed decorative shining clean glass
Shining glass

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