How To Sharpen Blender Blades With Eggshells

Whether you are a housewife, an athlete, or a chef who is fond of food. The thing we all use the most in the kitchen is, of course, our blenders. Sometimes we use these wonderful tools to prepare fruit juices and sometimes to make our meals delicious. So, 'What is the biggest problem with blender blades?' What would you say? Let us guess: knives! 'Is he blind? or 'Is it expired?' We can't help thinking about it. In addition, disadvantageous situations such as congestion and the smell of the engine after long-term operation also have a negative effect. For this reason, the mixtures we prepare do not satisfy us after a while.

We have the perfect solution for how to sharpen and sharpen blender blades that are costly to change and a waste of extra time. Eggshells are much more functional than we think. With its hard structure, it resists the speedy blade and performs a wonderful thing: sharpening. In this way, you can sharpen the blender blades yourself at home. Although there are many rumors about how it is done, we have prepared the most suitable solution for you in our article. Are you ready to hear the tricks?

1. So what should we do first?

eggshells in cap with black background

Let’s say we broke our eggs and made our delicious meals. Before reading this article, our next move would be to throw away the eggshells, as we all do. But now is the time to collect. After washing the eggshells, we take them into the container and cover them with cling film. Then comes the step of keeping the 18-22 eggshells required for a medium blender in the refrigerator. Oh! The refrigerator is very important, otherwise, the shells may start to smell over time.

2. How should our eggs be?


First of all, there is something we need to say: Our eggshells should consist of 2 parts as much as possible as if we had cut the egg in half and left it there. As always, at the beginning of the things required to sharpen the knives, the hard and solid object has to rub against the knives. Crumbled crust and any structure that has become crumbs can adversely affect our sharpening performance. Thus, we complete the necessary part for sharpening in the first stage.

3. How should sharpening be done?

sharpen blade
Sharpen Blender with Eggshells

Let’s start by describing the image of the most desired method to be realized. Without breaking the eggshell, we just make a small hole and take out the liquid part inside. We now have a fully prepared shell. After pouring it into our mixer, we pour the cold water on it. Not having too much water is our key point here. The crackling of the crusts as the blender rotates can give you more comfort. The beaten eggshells should turn into sand. In fact, there are many places where you can use shells that are as small as sand instead of throwing them away. For example, the cleaned eggshells can be spooned after they have been thoroughly whisked. When you eat the shells, it is even possible to strengthen your bones and revitalize your muscle fibers thanks to the abundant calcium you take into your body. We strongly recommend that you use it other than eating. Let’s not go without saying that eggshells are also useful for plants. ‘No, I will definitely throw it away.’ If you say, you shouldn’t pour it into the sink. Although sinks can be opened easily when clogged, the hard eggshells make it almost impossible to reopen the pipe in case of any blockage.

4. How can we know that the transaction is completed?

blender with fruits

When we looked at the initial state of our blade before applying it, we noticed the poor blades with worn edges and obviously lost their sharpness. We threw away our eggshells, added our water and we were done. What you see when you take out the blades may surprise you greatly. The wavy structure on the blade will now be gone, replaced by a pair of completely sharp blades. Although its structure is a little thinner, the important thing is its function after all. You can use cucumbers if you look for references to check if your knives need resharpening. When you apply the same pressure, you can see how easily the cucumber is cut. This process, which you can apply every time, will be your biggest helper.

5. We change the word on the vitamin shell! Sharpen Blender

eggshells two piece with black background

Now its sharpness is in its shell! ‘A little more sharpening won’t hurt.’ It wouldn’t be bad if we kept collecting eggshells, what do you think?


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