How to Make Organic Bleach with 5 Ingredients?

Chemical-containing bleach, which is frequently used in household cleaning, affects health negatively when inhaled. According to research, bleach even increases the risk of contracting the deadly lung disease COPD, but even though bleach is known to be harmful, it can still be abandoned in cleaning and disinfection processes. If you can't clean without bleach, now we will offer you a great alternative: You can make organic bleach yourself with materials you can easily find at home. Moreover, it is very easy to make! How Does? Let's find out the answer to this question together.

First, let’s take a look at what bleach is for those who don’t know.

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Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite as an active ingredient; A chemical substance used in cleaning, hygiene, and bleaching processes. It contains chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sodium c10-c16 alkyl sulfate, sodium polyacrylate, sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, and hydrogen peroxide. You can understand why bleach is harmful to human health because it contains so many chemicals! However, when it comes to cleaning, it cannot be given up. Moreover, its use is increasing due to the Covid-19 epidemic that has emerged in recent years. This frequent use also makes it more dangerous than ever!

So, where is bleach mostly used?

Cleaner plus bleach kills 99% of bacteria

Bleach has many uses:

● Destroying weeds and microbes in industry,

● In the sterilization processes of surgical materials,

● In purifying water from microbes,

● In the cleaning of toilet bowls and toilets,

● In the whitening of yellowing glasses,

● To give shine to metal and glassware,

● In removing molds,

● In purifying swimming pools from microbes,

● In cleaning the droppings of the birds placed on the balcony and glass sides,

● It is used for bleaching the laundry.

● The most interesting area of use is to get rid of the harmful effects of chemical warfare! One of the most important measures to be taken in shelters or homes during chemical warfare is to cover door and window spaces with cloths soaked in bleach. It is interesting, is not it?

However, the harms of bleach are innumerable.

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Although bleach is used in many areas, it is actually quite harmful. Some of the negative effects on human health can be listed as follows.

● When bleach is used heavily, it can cause severe damage to the lungs.

● The smell of bleach can damage the nasal tissue.

● It can irritate the mucous layer in the respiratory tract.

● It can cause allergic conditions that cause itching and skin irritation.

● It can cause inflammation in the mouth, stomach, and throat.

● It can cause shortness of breath.

● It can cause headaches and even fainting.

● It can cause coughing, nausea, and watery eyes.

● It can cause fluid accumulation in the lungs.

● May cause chlorine poisoning when mixed with substances containing ammonia.

Apart from all these, the laundry washed with bleach becomes thin and torn after a while. So it causes clothes to wear out quickly. In order to prevent this, it is recommended not to pour the bleach directly on the clothes, but to put it into the washing water 5 minutes after starting the washing process.

As you can see, for exactly these reasons, you should make your own natural bleach at home! Let’s start making natural bleach without wasting any more time.


A yellow bleach box and blue hand gloves
Homemade bleach recipe


● 1 coffee cup of oxygenated water

● 1 glass of water

● 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

● 10 drops of lemon oil (Essential oils such as lavender and rosemary can also be used.)

● Dark spray bottle


● Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then put them in the spray bottle.

● Cap the spray bottle tightly and store it in a dark place to avoid contact with light.

● You can increase or decrease the materials you use proportionally.

● Do not do more than you need as you need to consume this natural bleach within 1 month. It would be more appropriate to prepare an amount that will last you for 1 month.

Since you have made homemade natural bleach, where can you use it?

cleaning stuff and blue gloves

Oxygenated water used in making natural bleach provides whitening. It also has antiseptic and disinfecting properties. Lemon juice also acts as a natural whitener. Lemon oil is used to make bleach smell nice. Apart from lemon oil, you can also choose various aromatic oils according to your taste, such as lavender oil, jasmine oil, peppermint oil, orange oil, and eucalyptus oil. You can use the natural bleach you have prepared, like other bleaches, wherever you want with the peace of mind. With natural bleach, you can especially clean the following areas:

● In kitchen cleaning,

● Cleaning bathroom sinks and shower cabin,

● You can use it for toilet and toilet cleaning.

You can easily rinse it off by applying natural bleach and rubbing it after waiting for a while!

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