How To Clean The Shower Cabin Most Effectively?

Immaculate houses are everyone's dream, but some parts of the house can be intimidating during the deep cleaning. Shower stall cleaning is also among these places due to its narrow space and the possibility of constant staining, but there is always an easier way to do housework! While making shower cabin cleaning more comfortable, there are many practical ways to save time. Moreover, thanks to these methods that you can apply with the materials found in every home, you can save economically. Here are the practical shower cabin cleaning methods that will protect both your health and your pocket.

Miraculous Duo: Baking soda and vinegar.

Holding cleaner on hand

When vinegar and baking soda in every house come together, their forces combine! For this method, first, add a cup of baking soda to a bowl and add enough vinegar to make dough. You can see tiny little bubbles forming. After the bubbles burst, you can apply the mixture to the difficult surfaces in your bathroom, especially the shower cabin, with the help of a sponge. After waiting for 15 minutes, you can rinse the area with water.

Sparkling shower cabins with lemon salt.

Bathroom cleaning

Add up to 4 teaspoons of lemon salt to a spray bottle. Then pour about a glass of water over the lemon salt and shake the bottle for a while. When you see the lemon salt melt, apply the mixture to the shower cabin and other stained parts by squeezing it. Then clean the points where you squeeze the mixture with the help of a sponge or cloth. Wait for a while and proceed to rinse. After rinsing with water, you can wipe the shower cabin with a dry cloth.

Try vinegar with dish soap as well.

Bathroom cleaning shower cabin

You can get clean shower cabins by combining vinegar, our natural disinfectant, with dishwashing liquid. Put equal amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then add a tablespoon of dish soap to the mixture. Wait about 15 minutes for the mixture to settle well. Spray the mixture on the areas you want to clean, then wipe the shower cabin with a sensitive surface cleaning cloth or sponge. After washing with water, you can proceed to the rinsing process with a dry cloth.

Immaculate shower cabins in ways you can’t imagine.

best design shower cabin
Different Designs

Did you know that a toothbrush or a razor can clean a shower stall? Yes, you can clean shower stalls with the help of an old toothbrush. You can clean the metal frame of the shower cabin from dirt with a toothbrush. You can also remove any remaining stains on these metal parts by carefully using an old razor blade. After spraying the cleaner on the metal parts, it is enough to apply the toothbrush or razor. You can say goodbye to permanent stains on metal surfaces in a short time.

Use a mixture of lemon and baking soda for shower cabin

Cleaning window
Cleaning Window

In this method, we use lemon and baking soda. Mix half a lemon and a teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl. Apply the mixture to various parts of the shower cabin with the help of a sponge and start cleaning the surfaces. You can rinse it with water or clean it with a wet cloth if you wish. You can use lemon oil to clean the door of the shower cabin, thus preventing the formation of stains for a long time.

Always keep the shower stall clean with shower spray.

Shower cabin

You can make your own shower spray and apply it to the shower cabin after each use. Thus, your shower cabins always remain clean. You can make your own shower spray using a glass of water, half a glass of vinegar, some dish soap, and a few sprays of perfume if you wish. Shake the mixture you prepared in a bottle well and leave it in the shower. You can clean the wet surface with the help of a squeegee by squeezing the mixture into the shower cabin after each use, so you can prevent stains immediately.

Extra shiny baths with Vaseline for shower cabin

extra shiny baths
Extra Shiny

Yes, you read it right! Vaseline, which we use to moisturize our skin, also cleans the shower cabin. It gives extra shine when you apply Vaseline, especially to the metal parts of the shower cabins you clean. Vaseline gives shine thanks to its structure; It is very effective in every difficult area from shower heads to plastic partitions, from metal points to dirt accumulated in corners. You can get results in a short time by applying the amount of Vaseline you need to these sections.

Things to consider for the most effective solution;

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Cleaning Well

The most effective cleaning is not to pollute at all! You can prevent the formation of stains by rinsing wet areas with a clean and dry cloth after each use. If you clean the shower cabin frequently, it will prevent the stains from becoming permanent, and you can make cleaning easier. You can also prevent evaporation by leaving the cabinet door open after showering. It is also easier to clean the dirt that softens with the effect of the heat after the shower. Therefore, you can be careful to doing the cleaning at these times.

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