HIMSSCast: Telehealth is enhancing the care experience for cancer clients

Together, telehealth consults and a selection of emerging digital health tools are assisting improve access to care and enhance the client experience for oncology and other specialized care.

One location where that’s showing real is The Clinic at Cleveland Clinic, that health system’s joint telemedicine endeavor with Amell.

Frank McGillin, CEO of The Clinic talked with Healthcare IT News about a few of the expense savings, client experience gains and other care shipment effectiveness taking place there and somewhere else as automation, virtual consultations and other developments alter the paradigm for cancer care.

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Talking points:

  • What The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic uses clients

  • A leader in virtual care shipment, how the Clinic’s services have actually progressed recently

  • The Clinic’s offerings for oncology and other specialized care

  • The advantages enabled by increased usage of telehealth and virtual care

  • How do AI and automation suit the formula

  • Lessons other health systems can gain from The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic for utilizing linked health and other virtual care tools

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