Gabriel Massan Presents: Unbonded on a Bonded Domain (Part One)

Digital artist Gabriel Massan checks out queer club culture, societies of violence and virtual environments throughout their online residency at Fact

Gabriel Massan explains themselves as a ‘3RD WORLDBUILDER’, however truly, we do not have a name for the sort of worlds they wish to develop. Over the last couple of years the artist has actually specified a discipline of CGI sculpture, drawing from a huge, digitally-mediated latticework of computer game and anime referrals to produce visceral deal with a physicality that shows their experiences maturing in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, along with their immersion in the queer club culture of the latter and in their existing bases of Berlin and Paris.

Driven by a desire to map their psychological experiences of systemic political and cultural structures onto communities untethered from physical representation and the body, these digital sculptures have actually progressed into a fully-fledged world structure practice, work which the artist has actually revealed at the X Museum in Beijing and the Julia Stoschek Collection in Dusseldorf. Their method culminates in the upcoming Third World, a “consciousness-raising video game that checks out Black-indigenous Brazilian experience,” commissioned by Serpentine Arts Technologies and including Web3 combinations developed on the Tezos Blockchain.

In ‘Unbonded on a Bonded Domain (Part One),’ the very first of a three-part series Massan will provide throughout their online residency at Fact, we discover ourselves in a biomechanical bar, an alternate truth anomaly of Cyberia, the cyberpunk sanctuary for minor ravers and disillusioned hackers from cult 1998 anime Serial Experiments Lain. Caught in a Beckettian back-and-forth of drug-induced little talk and existential angst, a group of digital entities question the nature of their environment and their location within it.

By transplanting a familiar situation into a completely fictionalised context, Massan produces area for an intricacy of expression without the requirement to provide excessive of themselves while doing so. “Dismembering my body from my mind provides those bodies and those various identities a method of flirting with my principles without truly providing any traces of me,” they discuss. “Imagine if I had the ability to provide those various identities a voice, if they could speak, how would they speak, what would they state to each other?”

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Unbonded on a Bonded Domain Credits:

Concept, Director, Lead Artist– Gabriel Massan

Animator, Unreal Developer– Carlos Minozzi

Sound Designer, Music– Agazero

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