Finest CS: GO Pistols– Win Every Round

In the world of first-person shooter video games, couple of titles can match the appeal and impact of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and CS: GO handguns play a big function in the video game. CS: GO has actually ended up being a pillar of the competitive video gaming scene, with countless gamers all over the world fighting it out in online matches and significant esports competitions. Bringing those abilities to your clubs is much easier stated than done!

One of the secrets to success in CS: GO is choosing the ideal weapons, and amongst the most essential of these are handguns. In this post, we’ll have a look at a few of the very best handguns in CS: GO and what makes them so efficient.

Best CS: GO Pistols in the Game


First on our list of the very best CS: GO weapons is the Desert Eagle, likewise called the “Deagle.” This renowned handgun has actually been a staple of the CS: GO toolbox considering that the video game’s beginning and stays a preferred amongst the very best CS: GO gamers. With its high damage output and precision, the Deagle is lethal in the hands of a knowledgeable marksman. It’s likewise a tough weapon to utilize efficiently due to its high recoil and sluggish shooting rate, making it a dangerous option for less skilled gamers. Not just is the deagle a remarkable handgun however might be the very best weapon in CS: GO.


Next up is the P250, a flexible handgun that’s popular amongst gamers of all ability levels. The P250 is noteworthy for its quick shooting rate and low recoil, making it a perfect option for close-range fight. It’s likewise fairly inexpensive, making it a popular option for gamers seeking to conserve cash while still equipping themselves with a fatal sidearm.


Another leading handgun in CS: GO is the Five-SeveN. This Belgian-made pistol has a high ammunition capability and can fire rapidly, making it a great option for gamers who require to remove several opponents in fast succession. Furthermore, the Five-SeveN has low recoil, making it simpler to manage in the heat of fight. It’s excellent to attempt if you’re wanting to improve at CS: GO!

Glock 18

For gamers who choose a more sneaky technique, the Glock-18 is among the very best CS: GO handguns. This Austrian-made handgun is light-weight and precise, making it a perfect weapon for gamers who require to move rapidly and silently. It’s likewise reasonably inexpensive, making it a great option for gamers on a budget plan.


Last however not least, we have the Tec-9, a popular handgun amongst CS: GO gamers due to its high rate of fire and big ammunition capability. With its quick shooting rate, the Tec-9 can rapidly remove challengers at close quarters, however it struggles with high recoil and precision problems at longer ranges. Regardless of its disadvantages, the Tec-9 stays a preferred amongst numerous gamers, thanks to its fatal mix of speed and firepower.

Selecting the best handgun in competitive CS: GO can be the distinction in between success and defeat. Each of the handguns on this list has its own strengths and weak points, and selecting the best one for your play design is crucial. Whether you choose a high-damage handgun like the Deagle or a light-weight and precise sidearm like the Glock-18, there’s a handgun in CS: GO that will match your requirements.


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