Faust Guilty Gear– Guide, Tips and Character Lore

Faust is among the more fascinating Guilty Gear characters, in his style, moveset, and basic tradition behind the character. He’s likewise among the most enjoyable to play through. Faust Guilty Gear is up there as one of the most interesting characters in among the leading combating video games.

Faust’s backstory initially saw him as a world-leading expert in medication. That was prior to a dreadful mishap, in reaction, Faust freaked and end up being a rampaging killer. Now attempting to offset his previous errors, he’s combating with a bag of techniques in Guilty Gear Strive.

This is what you require to learn about Guilty Gear Faust. Secret pointers to play him, how the character works, and his function in the story of the video game.

Who is Faust Guilty Gear?

Faust may have wound up something of a bad guy, however he’s restored his composure in the time considering that. Faust is back to attempting to assist individuals as a medical professional, even if he still often appears to be doing more damage than great. He uses a bag over his head and his motions in-game offer him a few of the most extensive motion alternatives.

Faust’s movekit consists of things like websites, random products, and strange relocations that do not enormously fit within his backstory! He’s a little a grab bag of a character, fitting his main mechanic of the Faust Guilty Gear Bag.

Tips and Tricks for Faust Guilty Gear

Faust in Guilty Gear has some terrific combinations, and intriguing relocations, these are some crucial ideas and techniques for improving playing the character.

  • Specials— Don’t utilize his specials in neutral, he’ll require a larger opening and a knocked challenger to be able to manage his larger relocations. You generally to set up.
  • Set-up— Setup for specials originating from utilizing neutrals to put the pressure on. Engaging from a more range, you can utilize his varied typical attacks to both keep the challenger at bay versus a fighter, and acquire damage and get them in a position where there’s an opening.
  • Space— Keeping area and control is crucial. Faust’s slashes struck much broader and can press challengers back. He can even cover the low ground with slashes, however expect punishes when changing up the low and high.
  • Neutrals— The Faust Guilty Gear Strive regular attacks all have excellent variety and capacity. You ought to be looking for where your challenger is protecting and anticipating, you have alternatives to come from various heights.
  • Double Up— A few of Faust’s attacks can be duplicated with a 2nd press, letting you select and discard a challenger.
  • Three Hit Kick— Try and land all 3 hits when you can, however this is likewise an excellent feint to counteract into a product toss.

The Random Bag

Guilty Gear Strive Faust’s products all originate from his bag, however they’re entirely random. This suggests the gamer does not understand what they’re tossing out, however neither does the challenger. This will not constantly go your method however accepting the random opportunity is a huge part of playing Faust Guilty Gear.If you desire a concept of how far you can take his set though, search for some matches from significant competitions like EVO.

Watch your challenger’s response to engaging the bag, this will demonstrate how they’re handling your product randomness and possibly provide you the possibility to penalize them. Take care of some products though, as things like the bomb and trumpet can be utilized versus him too.

Your Playstyle as Faust Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear Faust can be a difficult character to master as he’s less standard. He’s got loads of zoning abilities however, while it’s not the most popular design of gamer, combating video game fans will understand this sort of character well. Faust has a bag he brings with him where he can pull numerous products from and toss them out throughout the battle. Which product you get is random though, which includes a little bit of unpredictability to the method he plays.

Faust has lower damage relocations however can strike some striking high damage combinations. You’ll require to be clocking up damage more gradually and frequently, utilizing zoning and products to keep your challengers at bay.

There are likewise some Faust Guilty Gear combos you can utilize to assist get that damage in regularly, these are a few of his primary combinations you’ll wish to discover to master the character. His products are essential for many of the much better Faust Guilty Gear Strive combination.

Faust can likewise crawl on the ground as a motion mechanic which is better than it may feel, get utilized to preventing relocations utilizing the crawl. Distinct motion and randomness together with his gangly frame it can make him much less foreseeable. This spider walk can set you approximately evade an attack and penalize.

Foust likewise has a strange moving and down spin which include a lot to his relocations. Both are excellent tools for alleviating pressure on you. Changing in between the spiral down and twisters can avoid this from being too quickly penalized. Another huge movement tool is the teleport. Prevent it when you do not have the meter, once you do it includes a lot to how you can assault.

Faust Guilty Gear Lore

Why does Faust use a bag? That’s the very first concern that turns up with a great deal of gamers for Guilty Gear Strive Faust, he does have a deep tradition which describes the bag.

After Faust restored his sense of composure after his little murder spree, he was revolted by his actions. He chose to start using the paper bag to conceal his identity however likewise as a marker of embarassment for himself. A few of Faust’s emotes experiments with his bag.

What occurred to Faust?

Faust’s story starts with him as a cosmetic surgeon that’s extremely related to in his field. A client passes away on the operating room however, which triggered Faust to sort of breeze. He quickly lost his mind and went on a little bit of a rampage. When he returned to his senses, he included a bag to his head to conceal his pity.

Later in the Guilty Gear Faust story, there are more advancements with Faust looking for to redeem himself, however it’s worth going through the story yourself to see how everything ends up.

Is Faust a Hero or a Villain in Guilty Gear?

Faust may technically be on the brave side of Guilty equipment, however he’s certainly sort of made complex. The character has actually done some bad things. When we capture him in Guilty Gear Strive however, he’s attempting to compensate all of those errors.


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