Elon Musk Outlines His Vision for Twitter at Morgan Stanley Tech Conference

So what is Elon Musk’s long term vision for Twitter, and how does he prepare to transform the app into a billion-user, profitable device, as he’s consistently mentioned in interviews?

Today, we got a take a look at Elon’s wider tactical believing around the app, in addition to some brand-new updates on how Twitter 2.0 is advancing on numerous aspects.

Musk made a brand-new discussion on Twitter, and his other organizations, to the Morgan Stanley Tech, Media and Telecommunications Conference in San Francisco, where Musk used insight into numerous crucial elements, including their deal with mitigating hate speech, the development in use of the app, and the grander vision to transform Twitter into a crucial payments and commerce app.

First off, Musk described his basic vision for Twitter, and making it the ‘international town square’ when again.

Twitter has actually constantly had this as a specifying objective, of sorts, though it moved far from the ‘town square’ framing in the latter years under previous CEO Jack Dorsey, who ended up being disappointed with the inescapable calls that needed to be made by Twitter management on what might and might not be shared in the app.

That’s been a specifying component of Musk’s push to reform Twitter’s technique, by enabling more totally free and open speech, and preferably, letting the users choose what must be permitted, with Community Notes set to play a larger function in making it possible for Twitter users themselves to cops false information and untruths by including contextual explainers to private tweets.

Musk likewise set out Twitter 2.0’s core concepts, which he hopes will ultimately make Twitter a source of fact, by empowering input from all individuals.

As per Musk:

” S o the objective is to have Twitter be the very best source of fact, the most prompt and precise source of reality, even if the fact is something we do not wish to hear or undesirable or whatever, however have it be prompt and precise and where you can actually comprehend what’s going on.”

Musk even more discussed that the media is presently able to manage essential stories by selecting what to cover, and what gets leading concern. Twitter allows all individuals to choose what’s pertinent quicker, by helping with more inputs. Which is why, in Musk’s view, it’s important that Twitter permits complimentary and open speech, as much as possible.

” T he bedrock of an operating democracy needs to be complimentary speech and an equal opportunity. That’s why it’s the very first change. It was the very first thing they did, like we’ve got to guarantee liberty of speech. And why did they do that? Due to the fact that where they originated from there wasn’t liberty of speech, and as soon as you lose flexibility of speech, you do not get it back. That’s why we need to safeguard it at all expenses.”

This has actually been a crucial element of Musk’s more comprehensive push at the app, which he’s strengthened with his own tweets on numerous questionable subjects.

Which then causes issues around what individuals may really state in the app, and how that might result in damage and unfavorable habits. On this front, Musk likewise detailed Twitter’s development in resolving hate speech, which Musk states is now down 50% from when he took control of at the app.

Some specialists have questioned Twitter’s metrics on this, and we do not have access to precisely what this information suggests – however based upon the crucial elements that the Twitter 2.0 group is determining, it is working to resolve possibly damaging components, which need to result in an enhanced user experience.

Of course, letting 10s of countless formerly prohibited users back on the app appears to work counter to this objective, however once again, based upon the metrics that Musk and his group are tracking, it’s apparently seeing enhancement.

The exact same can likewise be stated for kid exploitation material.

Musk has actually consistently declared, as this chart reveals, that Twitter is doing more to attend to CSE material than Twitter has actually ever carried out in the past. Professionals have refuted these figures too, however Twitter is relatively, by a minimum of some steps, taking more action to resolve this aspect, which Musk states will constantly be priority primary at the app.

Though bigger modifications stay bothersome. As we saw previously today, Twitter does appear to be ending up being significantly unsteady, resulting in bigger interruptions and effects, likely due to decreased oversight as an outcome of personnel cuts.

Musk confessed that this is an issue, keeping in mind that the existing code base is susceptible to failure when making the tiniest modification.

But still, even with increased mistake rates, Musk states that Twitter use is at an all-time high, with more than 250 million day-to-day active users.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this chart determines up to Q4, and reports have actually recommended that Twitter use has actually decreased considerably ever since. Even so, Twitter’s appeal has actually increased under Musk– not to the levels that Musk would certainly like (in concerns to that billion-user target), however it is on track to see enhancement, if it can get all of its aspects into line.

On that front, Musk briefly discussed his strategies to enhance Twitter’s advertisement importance, and drive much better efficiency through numerous targeting steps.

Some of this focused on basic procedures, like keyword targeting, which Twitter has actually formerly moved far from due to lowered marketer efficiency. Elon is now seeking to execute more direct targeting choices like this, with marketers able to highlight their material within associated conversations in the app.

Finally, Musk discussed his longer-term vision for Twitter, and making it into the ‘whatever app’, which primarily focuses on incorporating payments.

” I t hink it’s possible to develop an extremely effective financing experience. Generally, PayPal is sort of like a midway variation of what I believe might be performed in payments and financing. Let’s state you desire to be able to send out cash quickly from one account on Twitter to another account easily, with one click, you desire to be able to make interest on that cash, you desire to be able to have financial obligation, so you can let your interest can go unfavorable. Generally, I believe it’s possible to end up being the greatest banks on the planet, simply by offering individuals with hassle-free payment choices. We do not have the time to enter into it in information here, however if we simply make the app a growing number of helpful, individuals will utilize it more and it’ll be terrific.”

The vision is that, ultimately, by making it possible for payments through tweet, Twitter will have the ability to help with more kinds of deals, which will make it a better app, for all various functions, comparable to how Chinese messaging apps like WeChat have actually ended up being necessary energies because area.

Of course, Meta’s likewise attempting to assist in the exact same thing, and simply recently got approval to broaden WhatsApp payments use in Brazil, while it’s likewise acquiring traction with WhatsApp payments in India, likely the crucial market for such a shift.

But success in this location will not come easy, specifically in the middle of continuous regulative examination, and provided Musk’s bold mindset to other regulative groups, like the SEC, it’s difficult to see Twitter ever acquiring the approval needed to help with such.

Still, that’s the longer-term vision, that Twitter will end up being a crucial source of fact in journalism, and a crucial energy in assisting in more kinds of payments, which will then make it a vital app for a lot more individuals. It’s a positive technique, which needs numerous things to go right, however Musk states that, after enormous cost-cutting, the app is, possibly, on track to be money favorable by the end of this year.

That, at the least, offers him firmer footing to construct from, and perhaps, Elon’s vision is beyond what others can yet see for the app.

You can have a look at Elon’s complete discussion to the Morgan Stanley TMT Conference here


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