Dead by Daylight dev’s build-and-raid video game Meet Your Maker out in April

Day 1 release on PlayStation Plus.

Dead by Daylight designer Behaviour Interactive has actually slapped a 4th April launch date on its first-person structure and raiding video game Meet Your Maker, validating that – along with its PlayStation, Xbox, and PC retail release – it’s concerning PlayStation Plus on the first day.

Meet Your Maker blends gamers (either solo or together with a co-op buddy) to a post-apocalyptic wasteland where they’re able to construct their own maze-like station filled with sneaky traps and patrolling guards. As soon as the phase is (actually) set, that station is then hoovered up into the web ether, whereupon other gamers can rob it in an effort to finest its obstacle.

” Every station in Meet Your Maker needs you construct a clear course from its entryway to the Genmat at its core,” Behaviour Interactive discusses in a post on the PlayStation Blog, “however absolutely nothing states this course ought to be simple to browse … Twisting corridors, verticality, several branching passages, and trap-filled dead ends are all excellent methods to confuse raiders.”

Meet Your Maker- Day 1 Release Trailer.

As raiders win and stop working, developers can keep tabs on their station’s efficiency, repeating on its style if preferred – specifically helpful considered that benefits acquired by effectively downing raiders can be utilized to broaden or enhance their structure toolset.

Meet Your Maker launches for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (through Steam) on 4th April, and will be .


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