Ajax captain Dusan Tadic contributes 100 balls to home town school for 100 Ajax objectives (Video)

To mark his 100 th objective in an Ajax t-shirt, captain Dusan Tadic contributed 100 balls to his main school in the town of Bačka Topola, Serbia.

objectives for Ajax, balls for the future.

To all kids at Dusan Tadic’ main school: Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/diYSALqlvD

— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) February 22, 2023


Veselin Trajkovic

Vesko is a football author that likes to observe the video game for what it is, concentrating on groups, gamers and their functions, developments, strategies, instead of statistics. He follows the English Premier League carefully, Liverpool FC in specific. His short articles have actually been released on 7 various football blog sites.

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