7 Kitchen Secrets That Will Make Your Star Shine When You Learned

Spending time in the kitchen is literally therapy for some people. For example, hosting friends is an activity that our mothers always enjoy doing because there is nothing that a little food and conversation can't solve. Well, have you thought about how our mothers cooked so much food in one day? How do they keep those greasy pots clean after the guests have left? Even how they chop onions and eat hot peppers one after the other without tears? Their secret is to have little kitchen hacks! Thanks to the kitchen secrets we have compiled, how would you like to shine like a star and show off in the environment of your friends?

1. Cutting even the toughest vegetables without difficulty

onion cutting on table
Cutting Onion

The purpose of each knife is different. There is a little tip you can use to understand these purposes: examine the holes and different shapes in the blades! For example; small cavities in the blades reduce friction. In this way, foods that are difficult to cut can be cut more easily. You can easily cut hard vegetables such as carrots and radishes with the help of such knives. There are also perforated knives. You say, ‘Are they stealing from the material?’ Let’s say it right away without asking: Actually, their intentions are a little better. Perforated knives make you less tired because they are lighter. You can also hang and store large knives with holes, which take up a lot of space in the drawer.

2. Defrost frozen foods faster

ice hand and frozen meat on table
Frozen Meat

Frozen foods make you race against time in the kitchen because if you want to prepare food quickly, you need to thaw the frozen food as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to thaw frozen food. The most interesting one is the one made with the help of a pan! You will get faster results if you put the food you want to defrost in a metal pan. The reason for this is that the cold spreads more easily on metal items.

3. Recovering stale soups

great soup

The secret of making a delicious soup is to keep the consistency because no one wants to drink a soup that is neither too thick nor too watery. Although it may seem very difficult to keep the consistency of the soup, it is not impossible with a little tip. If the soup you are making looks watery, mix a little roasted flour and oil and add it. If the situation is the opposite, that is, the soup is thick, it is sufficient to add some hot water to it. On the other hand, don’t worry if you’ve over-salted the soup! Throw a slice or two of raw potatoes into the soup. Potatoes will trap the excess salt, which makes the food bitter, like a troublemaker. In this way, even if you upset the potato a little, your soup will be saved.

4. Emptying the chopped vegetables without spilling

Chopped vegetables
Chopped Vegetables

‘How can a cutting board make me the star of the circle of friends?’ don’t say. You can make your work in the kitchen easier with this kitchen utensil. The space at the ends of the cutting boards helps carry and hang this item, as well as for unloading your cuts. In this way, you can put the cut food into a bowl or pot without pouring it. Although it may seem a little boring, we can say that it is a good method to prevent the materials from coming out of the wood.

5. Cutting onions without crying in kitchen

Cutting onion

Cutting onions is perhaps one of the most annoying things in the kitchen. No matter how kindly you treat the onion, it will always make you cry. That’s why you can try soaking the onions in cold water or freezing them before cutting them. Thanks to this method, chemicals released during cutting do not burn your eyes. Thus, you can get your work done before the onion even has time to get angry with you.

6. Making containers sparkle quickly

Sparkle kitchen

Washing dishes is a very difficult and tiring thing. Fortunately, with a few changes, you can quickly finish your dishes and enjoy the rest of your time. For example, you can wash your dirty utensils that have had their share of oil faster. For this, add paper towels, dish soap, and water to your greasy bowl. After making sure to close the lid tightly, shake the container well. If the contents of the container were alive, ‘Oh my god, where have we come?’ Stop after shaking. When you open the lid, empty the remaining inside and start the rinsing process. Here is your clean container!

7. Reducing the effect of renewed pain

A spoon of paprika

The reason you feel like you’re on fire after eating hot peppers is that a substance called capsaicin tricks your brain! Even if the burning sensation after eating pain is a sneaky trick played on your brain, we want to pass it. Let’s warn you, do not run into the water first thing when your mouth burns. Although the water seems to alleviate the pain, it spreads the capsaicin substance more. If you are looking for another solution to relieve this pain, you can drink ayran or milk. Thanks to the casein in dairy products, the effect of capsaicin are reduced. So you can comfortably consume bitter and beat capsaicin!

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