7 Different Uses Of Vaseline That Will Shock

Did you know that the story of the discovery of vaseline is based on oil wells? Robert Chesebrough, an oil well owner and chemist, discovers that vaseline, a substance that clogs work pumps in oil wells, also heals the wounds and cuts of workers. It launches this substance under the name of “Vaseline Petroleum Jelly”. Vaseline, which is mostly preferred in skincare, is also used in the solution of many different problems. We are sure that there will be some items that will surprise you when you read our article. So, let's take a look at what vaseline is a cure for and where it is used.

1. Vaseline in skin care.

Skincare Women

● You can use Vaseline to moisturize and soften dry areas of your skin.

● You can make your skin look bright all day long with Vaseline.

● You can tan better by applying it to your skin before using a tanning cream.

● You can exfoliate by mixing granular products such as sugar, coffee, and sea salt with vaseline.

● You can use it as a diaper rash cream for children.

● You can prevent the formation of calluses with Vaseline.

● When dyeing your hair, you can apply it around your hair, ears, neck, and other places where you think the dye may get on, so that it does not get on your skin.

● If you work at a desk, you can use it to prevent your elbows from getting stiff.

● If you rub your skin with Vaseline after epilation, you can see that the red bumps are reduced.

● You can massage with vaseline to relax your joints and muscles. Do not forget that vaseline has positive effects in relieving rheumatic pains.

● You can apply it to your wounds and make them heal in a short time.

2. Vaseline for hair, eyelash and eyebrow care.

Vaseline for hair, eyelash and eyebrow care.
Hair, Eyelash and Eyebrow

● You can repair your split and split ends with Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to the split ends of your hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse your hair. After a few applications, you will see that your hair is recovering.

● You can use Vaseline as a hair styler by heating it between your fingers.

● You can also use Vaseline as a hair mask. Mix your favorite essential oil with petroleum jelly. Apply to your hair without touching the scalp. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, remove the excess vaseline with the help of a paper towel and wash your hair.

● If your eyelashes are not growing or falling out, you can apply Vaseline before going to bed. This will make your lashes stronger and longer and look fuller.

● You can apply Vaseline when your eyebrows are dry to keep the shape of your eyebrows intact throughout the day.

3. Makeup.

Make up

● You can add a bit of your favorite lipstick to Vaseline and use it as a lip balm. You can also benefit from the plumping effect of cinnamon by adding some cinnamon to your vaseline.

● You can prevent the contamination of nail polish by applying it to your cuticles before applying nail polish.

● If you apply Vaseline to your eyelids before applying the eyeshadow, your eyeshadow will last a long time and your eye make-up will be more impressive with its wet look.

● You can use Vaseline to clean your heavy eye make-up. You can easily remove your make-up by applying Vaseline to a piece of wet cotton.

● You can remove your false eyelashes more easily with Vaseline. Gently apply the Vaseline to the bottom of your eyelashes. Thus, while removing false eyelashes, you can prevent your own eyelashes from breaking.

● Before applying your perfume, you can apply Vaseline on your neck and wrists to make your perfume more permanent.

4. Nail care.

Nail Art
Nail Art

● If you apply Vaseline to your nails before going to bed at night, you will prevent the formation of cuticles.

● If you apply Vaseline to your nails regularly and massage them, you will ensure that they shine over time and prevent them from turning yellow.

● You can apply Vaseline to the cover of your nail polishes to open them easily.

5. Vaseline for foot care.

Feet with plants
Feet Care

● You can use Vaseline to heal and soften your cracked heels. If you wear cotton socks after applying Vaseline to your feet at night, your feet will be as soft as cotton when you get up in the morning.

6. Clothes and accessories.

Cleaning for Clothes

● You can shine a thin layer of Vaseline on your natural and artificial leather accessories.

● If make-up materials such as foundation and lipstick get on your clothes, you can remove the stain with Vaseline. You can clean your clothes with a damp towel after applying Vaseline.

● You can use it to open your jammed zippers.

7. Furniture.


● You can polish your wooden furniture by wiping it with a vaseline cloth.

● If you have a jammed drawer that you cannot open at home, the remedy is of course Vaseline. If you apply some vaseline to the opened part of the drawer, you will prevent it from getting stuck again.

Vaseline, a panacea, can come in handy even at the camp. “Not that much.” We hear you say. If you need to light a fire in the camp, you can easily light your campfire by putting Vaseline on the branches that you will burn on a piece of cotton. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

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