5 Important Tactics That Will Make You More Effective and Engaging While Presentation

For most of us, giving a presentation and speaking in public sounds like a nightmare… The rhetoric and body language experts who helped TED talks shared 5 important tactics that will help you make a more effective and powerful presentation, as well as keep the audience hooked on you. Welcome to our content!

Have you ever felt that people are slowly losing interest in you when speaking in public? Don’t worry, people have probably lost interest not because of what you say but because of the way you speak.

A person presenting and other company employees listening his presentation with using computer
Job Presentation

According to communication experts, hundreds of thousands of people speaking and presenting in public suffer from the same problem. So, how can we attract attention and be a confident and successful speaker in front of the public?

Here are 5 golden presentations and oratory advice from experts!

1- First of all, do not leave your hands loose while talking in public.

A girl presentation and hand movements
Hand Movements

Body language is a powerful tool that reveals all of a person’s self-confidence. Use this tool to your advantage, use your hands actively while talking, and don’t let them sit limply on either side of you.

Gradually make this hand gesture, which is the biggest indicator of self-confidence, a part of your life, according to experts.

It is called the ‘bell tower’, which is used by many different people, from former German leader Angela Merkel to French president Macron.

2- Do not hide your feelings.

Zoom call and presenting with laptop from home
Zoom Call

When we watch the person speaking in front of us, we look for self-confidence first, and then real feelings. While many people think that showing your emotions while speaking is a sign of weakness, showing your emotions is actually one of the most powerful speaking tools.

If you’re proud of the idea you’re presenting to people, don’t be afraid to show it. Don’t act too mundane, show your motivation and underline your thoughts.

Let’s give a little tactic to introverts who are hesitant about attracting attention: Imagine that you are drawing attention not to yourself, but to the ideas that you have worked so hard to prepare and put your effort into.

3- Write down what you have to say, but don’t stick to the script blindly.

a man presenting with using big screen
Write Down Keywords

Communication experts say the most common mistake they see is very detailed presentation speeches. Don’t stick to everything you write and tailor your emotions to the script. Do not lose your excitement by focusing on memorizing the words.

Are you excited? Are you happy to offer your opinion? Have you been waiting for this moment all your life? Show your sincere feelings instead of following what you wrote in the letter!

4- Don’t use words like “Well”, “mm”, don’t be afraid to leave spaces.

A presenter presenting her powerpoint

Many of us try to fill the gap with such words when we are thinking about the next sentence we will say or because we are afraid that we will be interrupted.

Many of us are in the same rush and try to speak too fast, so we can experience slips of the tongue. On the contrary, taking a breather will show your self-confidence and courage to those sitting in front of you.

Take a deep breath instead of using empty words, and your brain will get used to doing this on its own over time.

5- Speak confidently while presentation.

A blue jacket man speaking with holding microphone with hand
Confident is important

If a person working as a salesperson tells you, “The price of this product is 500 Dollar,” and his voice starts to get high towards the end, you think that he will involuntarily make a discount. An employee who talks like this all the time will have to give everyone a discount.

The more confident you sound, the more the person in front of you will understand your lines and will begin to respect you without realizing it. Good luck!